The feminist reads you need in your life

The feminist reads you need in your life

At Writing Home Society, we may have a slight obsession with some feminist lit, but who’s complaining? We rounded up a list of some of our favorite reads when you need a little knowledge on the state of women in society. These reads educate, inspire, motivate and challenge you. 

Check 'em out: 

Heart  Berries: A Memoir- Terese Marie Mailhot writes through her trauma and in it finds her true voice. A heartbreaking read with a sting of reality and passion. 

Bad Feminist - A book club staple that sparks conversation around feminism, pop culture and what it all really means. Spoiler: we are all bad feminists. 

Milk and Honey - This is on my annual reading list. Required reading even if you don't think you like poetry. Rupi's words are heart wrenching and promote women empowerment. 

The Handmaid's Tale - My FAVORITE BOOK ON EARTH. Okay, I will relax, but it is hard. This novel is incredible and Hulu is doing it justice with the newly launched series. Do not recommend watching alone though, things will hit pretty close to home. 

Difficult Women - Did I put Roxane Gay on here twice? I am not even sorry. This is a much more intense read in comparison to Bad Feminist, but just as necessary. 

We Should All Be Feminists - A given. This should be step one. Also, a great gift for all the men in your life who say they hate the term "feminist." 

Men Explain Things To Me - This book gives me all the feels. While reading I may have screamed "TRUTH!" 

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? - Good ole Mindy. She is a feminist icon of sorts and her humor is my love language. 

Dare Me - I have an obsession with Megan Abbott and the way she uses female characters as a statement for what women are capable of. Do yourself a favor and read every single one of her novels. 

Whew. I feel empowered already just thinking about these badass women and the words they've written. Did we miss any of your favorites? What should we add to our reading list? Let us know in the comments! 

Written by Mallory Lehenbauer. 

Mallory is a founder and the Editrix in Chief of Writing Home Society. Her personal work and blog can be found at