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Podcasts you need to download this week.

Writing Home Society
Podcasts you need to download this week.

We love to listen to podcasts on long drives. They make the time pass quickly and often spark great conversation and discussion. I rounded up my top favorites to share with you, along with some that are on my list! 

Don't Keep Your Day Job - If you are even slightly creative and feel like your job is boring and uncreative, this podcast is for you. Or if you believe in LOVING what you do, listen! 

TWO DOPE QUEENS - Hello, I am crying from laughter at my desk. 

Sooo Many White Guys - Also, crying at my desk from laughter, hope and understanding. Phoebe from Two Dope Queens hosts this podcast and it is all its cracked up to be. 

Serial - The obvious favorite! But, seriously if you haven't listened to this yet - YOU MUST. Incredible storytelling and relevant/interesting content. Some even say Serial launched the podcast world into existence. 

This American Life - I am in love with Ira Glass (the host) - Ira if you ever read my blog, please let's be best friends! The original airs every Sunday on NPR. 

Mystery Show - When I was first introduced to this podcast, I didn't love it. But, the more episodes I listened to, the more I fell in love with Sharlee Kine. ITS  NEVER COMING BACK - which made me sob, but you should listen to the existing episodes. 

Pod Save America - This is the only dose of politics you need right now. It's interesting. It puts thing into perspective. It's real. They talk about politics the way humans talk. 

Criminal - I am a sucker for crime podcasts, TV shows, movies, etc. This podcast is short, interesting and not as terrifying as you may think. One of my favorite episodes is about black market bourbon. 

Last night I went to a #BossBabesATX event and podcasts became a hot topic of conversation. I left with a list of "To Listen to podcasts." If you have listened to any of these - let me know what you think! 

My Favorite Murder 

Reply All

1Cuppa 2Sugars

Girls Gone WOD

The Goal Digger

I Don't Get It

The Minimalists Podcast

Girlboss Radio

Death, Sex & Money 

Written by Mallory Lehenbauer. 

Mallory is a founder and the Editrix in Chief of Writing Home Society. Her personal work and blog can be found at beingmallorykatherine.com