The Moment Between Stopping and Carrying On

 I recently received a postcard from an event I attended about empowering women in creative businesses. The quote on the front of the card felt true. I pinned it to the wall I sit across every day during breakfast. One morning, in the daily silence I’m trying to create for myself, I was drawn to mull over the quote and its meaning. Eventually, I had to stand up from my food and my chair and correct it:


You are smart.

You are strong.

You are independent. deeply interconnected.

Carry on.

It feels truer now. One of my cultures (women) is known for rolling up its sleeves and stepping down into the grit of humanity just to be closer to it, compelled by an intuition that progress isn’t a singular out and above; it’s a communal in and below.

That’s what I want to remember--and what I want my culture to remind the rest of the world-- between stopping and carrying on.  

Written by Karly Borden of The Public Run Club