hello, austin

hello, austin

Top 5 reasons we are Writing Home from Austin.

Writing Home Society has been a conversation and dream for years. As it has slowly taken shape, we have developed and nurtured it from across the country. Today, we are so excited to announce that we are officially Austin, Texas based!

Austin is an old home for Mallory and a new home for Alex-Anna - but in honor or the glory that is Austin as the blueberry in the tomato soup of Texas - we have for you a listicle of top 5 reasons we are Writing Home from Austin: 

1. So our dogs can be together.

We wish we were joking, but honestly they missed each other and the noises they made when they were reunited proved we made the right decision. 

2. We love 103 degree summers.

I mean, who doesn’t? We LOVE this heat and the luxurious butt sweat that comes with it. There’s also nothing better than jumping in freezing cold water when you feel like your face may very well be on fire. 

3. Our evil plan to make our husbands bffs.

Sneak peak, it’s working. 

4. Alex-Anna wanted to live somewhere where grass grows.

Oh wait, I am pretty sure all the grass in our yards is dead from that 103 degree scorching heat we previously mentioned. But, one day soon we will have green life again! 

5. Wendy Davis, Beyonce and Willie Nelson live in Texas.

Period. Enough Said. 

We are so excited to really hit the ground running and watch Writing Home Society take shape as a place for all self-identifying women to gather, belong, and more. 

All the love, 

Alex-Anna & Mallory