What I learned in my first year of marriage

What I learned in my first year of marriage

To Mississippi standards, we were married at the perfect age, to the rest of America we were married young. Jake was 23 and I was 22. Now at 24 and 23, we've learned more in the last year than we did all of college.  As we celebrate at the beach I can't help but reflect on the last year. 

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1. Show Grace. I thought I understood what it means to love and forgive and love and forgive again. Turns out, I had no idea. I've learned to show grace in small places, when there are dirty dishes in the sink for days, when I take the dog out the millionth time in a row, and when he forgets his bathing suit on your anniversary trip to the beach. I have not perfected showing grace, but I have learned the most from the grace Jake shows me. 

2. Be Best Friends. Being married is full of the redundancy of life. Work. School. Sleep. Eat. Repeat. In the moments that we remember we fell in love because we were friends first, we enjoy life and marriage so much more. And we laugh a lot more. 

3. Be Real. Marriage is far from rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes you get stuck in Amsterdam or have to eat Ramen for a week. And sometimes marriage is hard. We've learned to admit the struggle and embrace it rather than pretending we have it all together. Newsflash: no one does! 

We are still learning about each other and about what life means as a married couple. The last year has truly been the best of my life. Jake loves well and passionately and I am thankful. 

Cheers to many more celebrations but no celebration will beat the party we had in Oxford, Mississippi on September 20, 2014.