It's like Writing Home for money and getting it.

Writing Home Society is a place for authentic women who are navigating life independently and powerfully  in a messy world.



"It's like writing home for money and getting it."
- Harold Smoot

Mallory's great grandfather, Harold Smoot, had many sayings and characteristics that made him admirable. He raised a strong and courageous woman, Mallory's grandmother, who in turn raised Mallory's dad, who accidentally (or intentionally - no one can be sure) raised an opinionated and passionate woman. 

Alex-Anna and Mallory met in college and thirsted for that feeling, the feeling you get when you write home for money and get it. Or in our case, texted home and received that venmo just when you needed it most. 

We thought more about it and that feeling is bigger and better. It's a feeling of love, a feeling of empowerment, a boost of confidence. 

As a woman in the world, we want your career, your family, your partner, your life to be like writing home for money and getting it, whatever that looks like for you. 

Writing Home Society strives to search and find that feeling in places and people all over the world by sharing things that are #worthwritinghomeabout and telling stories you want to #writehomeabout. 

Founders: Mallory Katherine Lehenbauer & Alex-Anna King Miller